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Lavra continues to help during the war

001-2During the hardest sufferings of the Ukrainian people, the Church provides extensive humanitarian aid to all who need it. From the very beginning of hostilities, the Caves Monastery did not stay aside from those who suffered a lot during this difficult time, and provided Ukrainians with both spiritual and material support.

On Wednesday, after the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, the foodstuffs were shipped to the medical institutions in the capital city. This time, call for help came from the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 8 and the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 12, and the Lavra immediately responded. The brethren of the Holy Monastery provided potatos, beetroot, onions and cereals.

002According to Metropolitan Pavel of Vyshgorod and Chornobyl, now the Lavra especially helps “our warriors, orphan houses, the ill and the homeless, those who have lost their slice of bread and, often, their home … May the Lord help us defeat the evil, so that peace and prosperity reign again in our home, all over Ukraine!”

Brothers and sisters! We continue to ask for assistance for the wards of the Social Department of the Kyiv-Caves Lavra. You can donate clothes and shoes. We will also be grateful for long-term storage food, hygiene products, disinfectants, household chemicals and all people may need in difficult life circumstances.

You are welcome to refer by the address: Holy Dormition Kyiv-Caves Lavra, building No. 65, office No. 215 (intercom number at the door: 13).

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