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Following venerable Theodosius the brethren invite pilgrims and the needy to the dining table


The traditions of a hospitable welcome of the pilgrims in the monastery and sharing the monastic dining table date back to the times of the beginning of monastic life on the Kiev hills, to the times of the Kiev-Caves Monastery founders and to the lifetime of our venerable father, saint Theodosius honored those days.

With the effort of the brethren of the Kiev-Caves Lavra, the charitable campaign named “Treat a Neighbour” became traditional. During warm spring period, the table for the needy takes place in the open. The campaign supervised by the assistant of the Social Service Department of the Lavra, archimandrite Gleb, is arranged with the blessing of the Vicegerent of the Holy Caves Monastery, metropolitan Pavel of Vyshgorod and Chornobyl.

Also on the memory day of venerable Theodosius, the hegumen of the Caves (May, 16th), everyone who shared joy of prayer with the brethren on that feast were invited to the dining table.

According to the perennial tradition, such dinners are determined on the day of the monastery-dedicated feasts, so that everyone who came to the Kiev-Caves Lavra could refresh after the Divine Liturgy and the Cross Procession. Numerous pilgrims and parish could take first and second course as well as sweeties and drinks.

God Himself did not leave those who followed Him and listened to His sermon. He fed five thousand people by making the “wonder of the five loaves and the two fish” (Matthew 14:13-21). The inhabitants of the Holy Dormition Kiev-Caves Lavra similarly take care of all who wishes to hear the Word of God and be faithful to Christ.

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