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Meeting of metropolitan Pavel and Patriarch Theophilus of Jerusalem

митрополит Павел

The Vicegerent of the Lavra His Eminence Metropolitan Pavel met the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem. During the meeting, Patriarch Theophilus admitted: “You have a unique opportunity to be beside the relics of the saints of the Caves (i.e. of Pechersk) every day, and without delving, theologizing or thinking it over, you have the complete knowledge of what it means to be a Christian, and what the true Christian act is. Here we have a different thing from God – we have the holy places, the place of Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the All-Holy Sepulchre. One cannot stay impersonal here, as if a man did not want it. It gives us an opportunity to recognize our own infirmity and helps us understand, what the life in tomb is. And this point unites us with you!”

Patriarch Theophilus remembered his first visit to the Lavra in 1991 as a representative of Patriarch Diodorus of Jerusalem, his first knowledge of the sanctuaries of the Kiev-Caves monastery, adoration of the holy relics of the saint fathers, chrism by the myrrh flowing from the holy heads of those, who rest in the Far Caves.

“And then I perceived, what the expression “life in tomb” means. Do not be afraid and do not have a dread of what happens around the Lavra.

The devil shall not enter there, he is defeated in the caves, he burns there. He controls the whole world, but his stumbling stone is the Lavra you have with you and the Sepulchre we have here. I see, what happens in Ukraine, and my heart grieves over this. It is possible to resolve all issues and all problems. However, the devil precludes those able to do it from resolving them. The Divine Providence acts in the Church, God extends the Providence about everything. My attitude to the Lavra is special, and I thank His Grace Pavel for the possibility to visit the Lavra every time, to stay within its walls and to pray at the relics of the saints,” – said Patriarch Theophilus of Jerusalem.

In his response, metropolitan Pavel expressed gratitude to His Beatitude the Patriarch for such warm words, thanked for the prayers which are offered up on the Holy Land every minute for the Orthodox Church in Ukraine and for peace in our country.

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