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Kyiv City Day

Kyiv is the “heart” of Ukraine, a city that is more than fifteen thousand years old. According to philologists, the name of the city means “the people of Kyus”, it is the historical figure – Kyus, who became the one in whose honor the main city of our country was named. Kyiv is considered the center of Slavism, and it was also the capital of the great Kievan Rus. Since ancient times, this city has played an important role for East Slavic tribes. The main Ukrainian city is mentioned in the annals – “The Tale of Timely Years” and “A Word about Igor’s Regiment”. Kyiv is known everywhere – in Asia and Europe, in the countries of the East and the West.

Kyiv Day is the story of how the city

The appearance of the first man on the territory of modern Kyiv dates back to more than twenty thousand years ago – this is the period of the ancient stone age. The history describes the well-known Cyril parking lot, which was located in the northwestern part of the city.

According to legend, the famous Kyiv was created at the end of the fifth century AD by three brothers – they were Kiy, Chek and Horiv, as well as their sister Lybid. The official date of foundation of our capital is 482. Quite a number of different tribes were united around Kyiv – the Polyans, the Severians, the Uglichians, the Drevlians, and the Tiverians. Already in 988, Volodymyr introduced Christianity in Kievan Rus. It was this act that contributed to the development of political and cultural ties with other countries — the Byzantine Empire, Bulgaria, Europe, and others. In the eleventh century, about four hundred temples functioned in Kyiv, there were eight markets, and about fifty thousand citizens lived there. After the death of Volodymyr Monomakh, the disintegration of Kyivan Rus began. 1240 — Kyiv was destroyed by the army of Khan Baty. In the fourteenth century, Kyiv began to recover, and already in the fifteenth century it was given Magdeburg law, which meant greater independence in international trade. At that time, various colonies appeared in the city – Greek, Polish, Turkish and Moscow merchants, as well as Armenians.

Day of Kyiv

In the eighteenth century, Kyiv became the center and symbol of Orthodoxy. After the “october coup”, three governments changed in the city, Ukraine was already gaining its independence step by step. During the Second World War, the main city of the country was completely destroyed. Ukrainian soldiers heroically defended Kyiv for seventy-two days. In September 1941, German occupation troops entered the city. Another tragic page of the capital is Babin Yar, where hundreds of thousands of Jews were shot on September 29, 1941. Two camps were built by the Nazis near Kyiv. Over two hundred thousand people were killed in the city during the war. As late as November 1943, Kyiv was deoccupied. The post-war years were a time when Kyiv was recovering at a fairly fast pace…

Kyiv Day — interesting facts about the holiday and the city

  • The amazing and interesting capital of Ukraine has quite a lot of various facts that will interest anyone. Some of them:
  • The oldest street of the capital is Volodymyrska, it has existed for more than a millennium;
  • Khreshchatyk Street has the widest width, in order to cross to the other side of the street, you have to cross seventy-five meters;
  • The tallest monument of the capital, which is among the top ten world leaders — “Motherland”;
  • Kyiv metro is one of the oldest in Europe, “Arsenalna” is the deepest station;
  • Wilhelm Christer’s oak is the oldest tree, its age is about seven hundred years;
  • “Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra” is a protected area of the city, which is visited annually by more than a million tourists from all over the world;
  • There is also the oldest monument in Kyiv, which was created back in 1802 – the “Magdeburg Law” monument;

…You can congratulate your neighbors, friends and acquaintances on the Day of Kyiv, as well as send them warm and sensitive poems. The city, which is called the “Mother of Russian cities” fascinates with its spring beauty, chestnut blossoms and delicious “Kyiv quail”. Tourists love Kyiv for its beautiful architecture, historical sites and delicious food.
Congratulations on Kyiv Day in verse and prose

Happy Kyiv Day! On this warm May day, I want to wish my beloved capital the kindest, brightest, best. Let Kyiv always delight its residents and guests with clean streets, clean thoughts and clean deeds. Let this beautiful city give many positive emotions, good news, pleasant moments and a constant cycle of bright events.


Congratulations on the day of our city – Kyiv. This city is dear to each of us, as it is our capital of our Motherland. May our wishes and dreams come true here, may our city prosper and grow, may all Kyivans be happy and healthy!


Happy holiday, Kyiv! You bravely endured many events, saw people who made the history of Ukraine. So accept our congratulations in your honor! Live and flourish, my Kyiv!


Kyiv is a rich history, majestic architecture. But the main pride of our beautiful city is its residents. On this spring day, I want to congratulate you on Kyiv Day! Even during the war, Kyiv remains a strong and beautiful city, the heart of our Ukraine. I wish you health, strength, faith in a bright future and victory!


Kyiv is the heart of Ukraine

And the oldest city in the world,

Although it has undergone all kinds of changes,

The whole is beautiful – in winter and in summer.

There are gold-plated churches,

And they have copper-cornered bells,

As they ring at dawn,

Everyone in Ukraine can hear them.


Kyiv is a historical city,

He is already many years old.

And it is beautiful, eternal,

Chestnut blossoms in the spring.

The state began with him

In ancient times…

In him is our power and glory,

It contains the voices of ancestors.

Happy Kyiv Day

My magical city Kyiv,

How beautiful you are in bloom!

Probably, everyone in the world dreams

Yours to see spring.

Your Khreschatyk chestnuts,

Your bays on the Dnieper,

And temples on the cave slopes,

Magical, as if in a dream.


Dear Kyivans! Today we celebrate the foundation day of our ancient city. Kyiv is a place where history is intertwined with modernity, where beauty in every corner fascinates and inspires. I want to wish each of you to feel proud and happy to belong to such a unique place. Let Kyiv be an indestructible fortress of well-being and prosperity!


Our Kyiv has sent out

On the mountains above the Dnieper,

Gardens blossomed,

Like a girl with a wreath.

It was built

Brothers, parents, grandfathers.

And they defended gloriously

From fierce trouble…

Viktoria Lytovchenko

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