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Information on the Kiev-Caves Lavra updated official website

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005Welcome to the updated official website of the Holy Dormition Kiev-Caves Lavra! Greetings on the holiday of Theophany and on the New Year!

Taking into account the web-user preferences, the website design and structure have been completely updated.

Now each person wishing to pray in the Lavra churches can promptly find on the website, where the divine services are performed at the moment and which memory the Orthodox Church honors.Screenshot_7

Announcements and notices are brought to the forefront and in a separate line, so that visitors would not miss out on the important events of the monastery.

The monastery news (to the left) and informative publications (to the right) follow further. The most urgent and interesting materials are fixed in the upper part of the unit, other materials are placed below in a chronological order.

002The new website stipulates for the weekly subscription to the most important updates and to Sunday divine service schedules. The letter with the core information shall be directed to subscribers each Saturday merely upon entering of an e-mail in the indicated field and subsequent confirmation of the subscription.

The information on the great unique sanctuaries, including churches, cave relics and icons, being foundational for the Lavra in all times, is also posted on the main page.

For prompt search of other needed information, please scroll the main page to its bottom and choose the respective section. If you are unfamiliar with our most ancient monastery so far, please choose the First Time in the Lavra tab.

001Should you aim to visit us, please see, what we offer our guests. Should you have visited this holy place and wished to learn more about the monastery, about how the Lavra lives now, switch to the Lavra Today tab. Answers to current questions can be received by pressing the Help button and using the indicated contacts for feedback.

New sections and additional options have been created on the website. With regard to frequent requests from all over the world to pray for the loved ones, the submission procedure of the names for prayer has been simplified. Similar to other ancient monasteries of our Church, the option to submit names for the health or repose appeared in the Pilgrims section of the website (please see the submission 004requirements in detail). Should You have an opportunity to come in person and pray for Yourself and for others, You may use same section to search on the map for the better overnight stop and the place to try the monastery food on the Lavra territory meant for quiet fasting without diverting attention in a noisy urban bustle. Should one have no opportunity to come, there is an option to donate for the monastery needs directly via the website interface even from abroad.

The section devoted to the great saints of the Caves has been totally updated, and the data from various ancient and contemporary sources were gathered and elaborated in a concise way. Brief life of each saint with pictures of respective icons is placed in the due order, for each cave separately. This section shall be 006gradually increased similar to the Sanctuaries sub-section of the same section on the venerated Lavra icons.

Finding any church on the Lavra territory is also easier now, both by means of the virtual tour and on the interactive map.

The core information on operation of the sound recording studio is updated, which can be seen upon receipt of both text and sound-format data and using our media library.

008Alongside social networks and mailing, continuous and fruitful communication is provided through Questions and Answers Section. Your every question shall be reviewed and the brethren of the Lavra shall try to give a brief and at the same time a deep reply.

Have a pleasant and edifying pastime when using our official website!

The  information is currently available in English:

Respectfully yours, lavra.ua editorial desk

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