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Social service


The brethren of Lavra takes care of people with limited motion

003Since the establishment of the monastery, the people come to the Kiev-Caves Lavra for spiritual guidance as well as for help to get fed, warmed, to ask for the necessary clothes, and also for giving support to those in need. A thousand years is the monastery gate open for the lonely, the poor, the ill, the disabled. The times change, but the problems of the human society remain unchanged. Presumably since the day when the monastery was founded, the hands of those being much closer to God in their sorrows than those in welfare reached out for the wearing black robes. Those receiving bread from the monastery’s table are grateful to God and to the Caves’ inhabitants, and pray for them. The pleading and the giving are on the way of salvation.

The Social Department of the Lavra is said to continue the thousand-year monastery tradition by visiting their wards, by accepting all who come here by themselves. The brethren of the Department try to listen to everyone, to comfort, support, enquire of the needs of people.

Eyes-01Brothers and sisters, we ask all the partial to find it possible to make the doable donations which will be directed to the wards of the Social Department of the Kiev-Caves Lavra. Long-term products, clothes and shoes, personal cleansing and household chemicals are always asked for. On the eve of the new academic season, the Social Department would gladly pass the stationery, child clothes for autumn and all things for school you kindly donate to the families with children, including with the disabled children, to the respective institutions for orphans. You can also provide financial support.

You are welcome at the address: Kiev-Caves Lavra, building No.65, room 215 (dial code 13). References at the telephone numbers: +38-044-255-12-37, 063-229-76-98

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