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Latest updates on the website

NIKAIn the holy and light-bearing day of Holy Pascha we congratulate all the God-loving Orthodox Christians with the glorious and saving Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

We thank all users of the Internet resources of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra for their support and assistance in the continuous improvement of our website.

With your help, tips and donations, we were able to update the archive of the website, starting since 2008, we launched the full version of the website in English (in addition to the Russian and Ukrainian ones), our social networks have tens of thousands of subscribers from all over the world!

Recently a new Paterik “New Martyrs and Confessors of the Caves” has been created, demonstrating the continuity of the history of the holiness of many deceased residents of the Lavra.

Now we are in the process of optimizing the website, thanks to which the speed of the resource will increase, the most comfortable conditions for users will be created, and those who due to territorial remoteness or for other reasons have never been to Lavra will be able to learn about our monastery.

The video section has been completely updated. You can not only watch and listen to the God’s services on the air, but also watch video of the God’s services in the record from the Holy Dormition or Refectory temples, which were made earlier.

The realization of our future plans for the optimal operation of the website and the creation of a mobile application largely depends on your wishes and donations (which can be provided by clicking on the link).

Once again we thank everyone for their help, because we work for the glory of God for you!

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