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Kids continue receiving Lavra’s presents “from St.Nicolas”


For the brethren of the Social Department the days preceding the feast of Saint Nicolas and the very day of the feast are always filled with joyful visits to kids, greetings and giving presents. In dedication to St.Nicolas day, the guests, among which there were Deputy Head of Social Service Department hieromonk Gleb, hierodeacon Philaret and volunteers, came to “Iziuminka” (“Raisin”), the children’s school and kindergarten, to cheer the kids with gifts.

Several hundred pupils of the school and kindergarten were interested to listen to the story of Saint Nicolas and genuinely glad to receive sets of sweets and Christmas-tree decorations. The children recited poems, performed songs and held hard the welcome guests.

According to hieromonk Gleb, communicating to children always brings sincere joy, because children are sincere and straightforward,  they believe in miracle and have heavenly thoughts.

Hieromonk Lucian, Head of Social Service Department of the Lavra, visited other children’s institutions with presents “from St.Nicolas”.

Lavra inhabitants give attention to children not only during planned visits. Adults with children often come to the Social Department of the monastery, among whom there are grandmothers raising orphan grandkids, mothers with many children and single mothers, families of the forced resettlers.

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