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Festivities devoted to honoring venerable Anthony of the Caves and the 30th anniversary of monastic life’s rebirth in the Lavra

This year is the 30th anniversary of the revival of monastic life in the Holy Dormition Kiev-Caves Lavra. This event as well as the commemoration of ”father of the ancient Rus’ monasticism” venerable Anthony of the Caves, whose dedication day is celebrated on July, 23, will be specially honored in our holy monastery.

The festivities will be heralded not only by the divine services performed by the hierarchy of the Lavra, the array of the archpriests joined by the priests of the Local Orthodox Churches, but also by memorable arrangements. Throughout the Lavra, the thematic exhibitions are planned to be open in the main churches of the monastery and the international forum is to be arranged.

On the memory day of our venerable and God-bearing father Anthony of the Caves, the Divine Liturgy will be performed in different churches of the monastery (including during the night), and in the evening before, the night vigil will be performed in the synodic order in the Dormition Cathedral.

Divine Services
22.07 (on the eve of the dedication day of venerable Anthony):
16.00 — small vespers with the acathistus and the night vigil in the Great Church
23.07 (on the feast day):
• 01.00 — Liturgy in the Far Caves
• 05.00 — Liturgy in the Near Caves
• 06.00 — midnight service, 06.30 — Liturgy in the Exaltation of the Cross Church, and thereafter, the lesser blessing of water at the well of venerable Anthony
• 07.00 — Liturgy in the Refectory Church
• 08.30 — Liturgy in the Great Church, and thereafter, the Cross Procession to the Near Caves of venerable Anthony of the Caves

Exhibitions devoted to the history and modern life of the Lavra will be held in the Great Church and the Refectory Church of venerable Anthony and Theodosius of the Caves of the Holy Dormition Kiev-Caves Lavra.
• July, 20: opening of the exhibition “The Home of The Most Holy Theotokos”: the aisle of the Dormition Cathedral (entrance opposite to the Refectory Church closer to the Great Bell Tower)
• July, 20: opening of the exhibition “Cross Path of the Lavra”: the chamber of the Refectory Church

International Forum
July, 20-21
International Conference “Kiev-Caves Lavra – Athos – Jerusalem: Unity Through Ages”

We invite all God-loving Orthodox Christians to take possible part in the festivities and to glorify God being “Wonderful in His saints”!

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