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Beware of the sect!

Each consecutive year, starting from February, 25, many of those far from godly traditions of worship to the shrine gather at the relics of the reverend Agapitus in the Near Caves. They stand motionless in churches and caves’ corridors, thus blocking the way to the holy relics of the reverend fathers to other pilgrims. The followers of this teaching take pots filled with water to “load” this water and whisper own prayer in anticipation of the descent of the Holy Spirit into the relics of the reverend Agapitus. The main ideologist of this belief is Anastasiia Novykh.

The body of the reverend Agapitus of Pechersk remained imperishable on the earth, which proves his great faith, and his soul stands before the Throne of God. There cannot be any “holy week of the reverend Agapitus”, during which, as the adepts of this heresy assure, “the Holy Spirit rests in the relics of Agapitus”. The day of the reverend is commemorated on June 14, the day of his pass to God, and there is no need to create false beliefs around the reverend.

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