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Discovery of venerable John the Long-Suffering’s prayer trial site in the Lavra

Ioann_mngstr-2During the current restoration works of the Near Caves of the Kiev-Caves Lavra, the place where one of the most famous Caves’ saints, venerable John the Long-Suffering, performed his prayer endeavour has been discovered.

This man of faith lived, worked and prayed in the Holy Caves Monastery in the 12th century. He undertook his most significant trial buried waist-deep in a pit, struggling with carnal temptation. He  spent the whole Holy Forty Day Fast in this situation and Lord sent him mercy – John was no longer tempted in this way.

The Vicegerent of the Kiev-Caves Lavra, metropolitan Pavel of Vyshgorod and Chernobyl pointed out: “We often go through the caves, but we don’t see what is next to us, behind the brickwork or under the boards. Today we have opened up the place of the endeavor of our venerable father John the Long-Suffering and are considering how to make this place accessible so that the parishioners and pilgrims of the Lavra can experience this holy place. We know many shrines associated with the life of certain saints, but here we see the place where a person fought with himself, with his passions and vices …”

Once the restoration work is completed, it will be possible for anyone who is interested to see the place of the great effort of prayer by God’s devoted servant.

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