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Hmrt. Kuksha The Priest Martyr And Pimen The Faster (after 1114 year)

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Memorial day on September the 9th

Words are redundant where deeds speak clearly for themselves. The holy Martyr Kuksha was one of the elders of the Kiev Cave Monastery.

He set out to bring Orthodoxy to pagan Vyatich tribes and baptized many of them into the Holy Church.

He was a great wonderworker and preacher.

The blessed man and his disciple were taken captives by the pagans and endured terrible tortures from them. Finally, the martyrs were beheaded.

At the same time, the Holy Righteous Pimen the Faster was struggling at the Cave Monastery. For his asceticism, the Lord granted him the gift of healing and prophecy.

The martyrdom of St. Kuksha had been revealed to St. Pimen before it occurred. On the day of his death, St. Pimen stood in the middle of the monastery church and loudly proclaimed, ‘Our brother Kuksha has been killed this day.’

St. Pimen himself reposed that very day together with his spiritual son Kuksha.

002-2Thus, thrice-blessed saints entered into the ineffable joy of the All-Holy Trinity, to Who be Glory, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen!