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Contribution of the Lavra to the Victory of the Ukrainian People

Untitled design - 1Since the beginning of the war, the Social Department of the Lavra has been providing uninterrupted feasible aid to all who suffered from this disaster. Until February 24th, 2022, the news on the activity of the Social Department of the Lavra covered orphanages and distribution houses, the institutions where lonely elderly find shelter, permanent-basis help to the families with many children, to the disabled and those with low-income.

After this date, we inform the readers of our website that hospitals, monasteries, the military, those injured, those directly turning for help to the Lavra get the necessary medicines upon the blessing of the Vicegerent of the Kyiv-Caves Lavra, Metropolitan Pavel. Besides, churches and medical institutions get foodstuffs and clothes supplied frim the Lavra.

006-3-1The Holy Dormition Kyiv-Caves Lavra has always been and will remain the sanctuary of beleaguered Ukraine in sharing all the difficult challenges with its people, and offering up a prayer to the Almighty asking for his great grace to His “children”. The Caves Monastery fulfils its Christian commitment, continuously helping those in need, as in the Gospel the God says to the one who saw the suffering and needy and helped him, that this one has helped to the God Himself: “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of Mine, you did for Me.” (Matt.25:40)

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