Онлайн трансляция | 12 сентября

Название трансляции

Orthodox Calendar

  • Venerable Nicholas Sviatosha Prince of Chernigov, and Wonderworker of the Kiev Near Caves(+1143); Martyrs Gervasius, Nazarius, Protasius, and Celsus of Milan (54-68)

  • Venerable Hieromartyr Lucian the Presbyter of the Kiev Caves(+1243); Euthymius the New of Thessalonica, and Monk of Mt. Athos (+898)

  • Martyr Longinus the Centurion, who stood at the Cross of the Lord (I). Venerable Longinus the Gatekeeper of the Kiev Caves (XIII–XIV)

  • The Holy Prophet Hosea (+820 B.C.); Monkmartyr Andrew of Crete (+767)

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